Month: May 2012

mobile apps vs mobile games

Games no longer Number One on Mobiles

Now this came as a shock to us, according to Flurry (the mobile app analytics company) social networking apps now take the same share of our time as games. This is the first time since 2008 that this has happened (well ok, since records began, let’s face it mobile apps are kinda new). It’s a big shift when we consider that in Q1 2011 games were way ahead, 10 more minutes of usage per day ahead.

So why is this? I believe this is actually not such a hard question to answer: social media apps have sprung up everywhere, so much so that they may well have replaced the usage of smart phone browsers to use the social media sites. This is also facilitated by the latest generation of smart phones and their need to be seen to do everything straight out of the box, meaning they have ready built in apps for social media site. For example my htc one x came with a Facebook App which practically drags you kicking and screaming away from trying to use Facebook in my browser and onto their hungry app.

Some people think the mobile gaming market is saturated. I disagree. Firstly, there is a growing demand for mobile games online such as cut the rope online, or temple run online┬ámeaning that if games are good people will play them. Secondly, saying the mobile gaming market is saturated is the same as saying the social media market was at its peak when MySpace was the most talked about thing since the moon landings. It’s a nonsense. There are loads of excellent free games online right now. While most of the modern games are based around hooking people into them, we will see a new generation shortly that do it in a whole new way. Satisfying our online gaming needs in ways we can only dream of today, and earning their makers a fortune in the process.


My Dog Love to Play Games

Where do you play Games?

If you’re anything like us then you’ll play games wherever and whenever you can. Personally I reckon about 25% of the people I see locked into their mobiles in the morning on the London Underground are playing games. Usually it’s football, driving, or puzzle games like cut the rope or angry birds. It’s pretty cool, I love to just kick back and relax when I travel so these games are a welcome relief from the zombies on the trains.

So, where do people play mobile games? According to MocoSpace 53% of us play in bed! Well I might seem a little boring but I like to fall asleep reading or playing games on my iPad (if my dog isn’t sitting on it – damn you dog!) ok well this is my dog, she loves to play puzzle games too such as “get the ball from the forest” or “give me food”:

Anyway I digress…

So yes, 53% of people play mobile games in bed, and 96% of people will play mobile games in their house at least once every day. That’s a lot of people (ok this is an American survey but you get the picture).

64% said they play games when they’re out with friends or school, basically anywhere where they technically shouldn’t be playing. I’m not sure if being at Grandmas counts though. But here are the biggies:
83% said they played while waiting for an appointment – how else can we alleviate the boredom?
72% when trying to avoid the zombie stares when commuting

Now I’m calling lies on this one – apparently bathrooms are not very popular gaming spots, 5% said sure I’ll game while taking a dump. It has to be a lie. Unless of course people spend most of their time in the bathroom texting, which is slightly more believable.

So here is our question to you, where do you game?

Homeless Man Online

What do people do online?

It’s always baffled us, the only interesting things online are the 3Gs; Girls, Guys, Games. Everything else is just blah blah blah, isn’t it?

Thankfully for us there are awesome organizations like Nielsen out there who look at answering questions like this. When they asked the same question guess what answer they came up with? Yep you got it right, Social Media and Games are take up a combined 33% of all activity. Then just to add to the fun millions of people play games inside social media sites like Facebook. So basically we were right! If it’s hot or fun we all love it.

And you know what, gaming time increased 7% from 2011 to 2012. We can see why, because thousands of people come to this site everyday to play temple run online, Cut the Rope Online and many other free online games.