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Super Bomberman

Oh boy oh boy oh boy it’s been a long time since we played this game. Trap your enemy using bombs and all sorts of awesome power ups then watch them get nuked. Super bomberman is still great even today with over 100,000 people playing it every month.
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Micro Machines GT

Remember Micro Machines? Well this is the GT Racing of Micro Machines, it’s great fun if you like fun driving games online.

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Zombie Killing Time

No-one likes Zombies! Earn money and buy more kit to kill even more Zombies. You can mine them, hose them down in flames, and toy with their emotions. What are you waiting, they’re not going to kill themselves!

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Play Angry Birds Online

If you know Angry Birds but want something new to play then Cute Birds is for you!

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Highest Temple Run Score Ever!

So you think you got a high score in Temple Run? Think again! Watch this video to see how it’s really done.

Is it a cheat? You decide!

Unlockable Characters

There are many different characters that you can play in Temple Run. You begin your adventure with Guy Dangerous but you can unlock other characters in the Temple Run Store or by using a cheat code. The characters are really just there for your viewing pleasure.

These are the characters you can unlock in the game.

Scarlett Fox ($10,000)

Barry Bones ($10,000)

Karma Lee ($25,000)

Montana Smith ($25,000)

Francisco Montoya ($25,000)

Zack Wonder ($25,000)

Temple Run Cheats and Codes



Turn on tutorial mode from the main menu. Start the turning tutorial, when you perform a turn slide your finger in the same direction 3 times really quickly, you’ll then be able to run non stop forever.


When you are at the Title Screen type in the following codes for some great unlocks:

  • samhines86 – Unlimited Invincibility
  • rxh7nigh – Unlockable Characters

See the list of characters you can unlock

Download and Play Temple Run for PC

Do you want to play a game like Temple Run for PC?

Now you CAN!



Download Temple run zip
>> Download the Zip Right click and save as, then double click the zip file, drag the exe file onto your desktop (or wherever you like) then double click the exe to play the game.

Temple Run Points and Power Ups

How to get more points?

Put simply the further you run the more points you get. And once you have set your high score, you should try and beat it!


What are Upgrades and Power-ups?

There is a Temple Run Store that allows you to buy power ups and upgrades either with the coins you have collected or by spending your hard earned real money. The upgrades and power ups you buy will help you get better and better scores by improving the rate at which you score points. Here is a simple list for you so you can see what the power-ups are:


Mega Coin – there are different levels of Mega Coins, these are the values:

Level 1 – 50 coins

Level 2 – 75 coins

Level 3 – 100 coins

Level 4 – 125 coins

Level 5 – 150 coins

Coin Magnet – as you run nearby coins are attracted to you with magnetic forces!

Level 1 – Unlock the Coin Magnet

Level 2 – Increases duration

Level 3 – Doubles coin value

Level 4 – Increases duration (500m)

Level 5 – Triples coin value

Invisibility – You can ignore obstacles and holes meaning life is easy!

Level 1 – Unlocks Invisibility

Level 2 – Increases duration

Level 3 – Increases duration

Level 4 – Increases duration

Level 5 – Increases duration

Boost – Quick speed increase over an increasing distance.

Level 1 – Unlock, Boosts for 250m

Level 2 – Boost lasts for 375m

Level 3 – Boost lasts for 500m

Level 4 – Boost lasts for 625m

Level 5 – Boost lasts for 750m

Coin Values – You can make coins you collect more valuable over a variable distance.

Level 1 – Unlock, Double coins after 1500m

Level 2 – Double coins after 1000m

Level 3 – Triple coins after 3000m

Level 4 – Triple coins after 2500m

Level 5 – Triple coins after 2000m


Resurrection ($500) – Gives you the ability to resurrect your character once, but only after you have activated the utility. It lasts only 30 seconds so only use if there is a good chance you are going to die. Double-tapping the screen will activate it, remember it only lasts 30 seconds from that point onwards.

Boost ($2,500) – A 1,000 meter speed boost at the start of the run.

Mega Boost ($10,000) – Same as Boost but over 2,500 meters at the start of the run.

What is the Best Combination?

Coin magnet and Coin Values turn you into a real coin vacuum machine and when the coin values are increased you can really do well and increase your score.


Temple Run Currency

While Temple Run is free, you can buy things from the store either with real money or by using Temple Run Coins that you collect along the way. You will find them pretty much throughout all of the levels you play and they are color coded according to their value:

Blue are the best worth 3 Coins
Red are pretty good worth 2 Coins
Yellow are the basic coins worth just 1 coin.

If you are not sure what to look out for keep an eye out for diamond shaped icons in the colors mentioned above. The blue and red only appear after certain distances:

The red coins (worth 2 coins) will only appear after 1,000 meters.

The blue coins (worth 3 coins) will only appear after 2,000 meters.