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Temple Run the Comic Book!

In super comic geek news App Entertainment have recently let the world know that it has done a deal with Imangi Studio (the makers of Temple Run) to bring the world of coins and monkeys to a new format: the comic book. App Entertainment have a history turning games into comics, back in 2010 they inked a series based on Pocket God and more recently they did sterling work on the fabulous Cut The Rope series.The story line will be based and build on the back story of Temple Run, obviously it will be set in the same world of temples and treasure. Indeed a large focus will be placed on the “mystery” that surrounds the temples, so you can expect some seriously exciting Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider type stories and use of phrases such as “Temple of Doom”, and “Temple of Tomb”.


While a printed format is planned in the future the comic will initially only be available in digital format being distributed via a separate mobile app sadly only on iOS (so iPhone and iPad via the Apple App Store).

It’s pretty amazing in 2012 that companies only release apps like comic apps onto one platform when it is so incredibly easy to port between app stores now. This constant failure really leaves a sour taste in our mouth and very disappointed.

Temple Run to be released as a Comic

What do you do when someone destroys your Hi Score at Temple Run Brave?

It’s Saturday evening, you’ve just boosted your way to a personal best on Temple Run Brave. You sit back and smile, deep down you know you can do better, those damn coins just before the double left. You go get a Coke, it’s hot. Just a quick look on YouTube before you try and beat your new personal best. Your buddy hits you up on Facebook with a crazy vid of this guy just brutalizing Temple Run Brave. You sit there stunned. In silence. How is that possible? My score…is just so bad compared to this guy.

This was was me last week.

I figure I should share my pain with you so here’s the video of my new nemesis tearing up Temple Run Brave:

So I was kinda mad that I sucked so much compared to this guy, so I clicked on this related video showing the guy who got that insane score.

3 Year Old Smashes Temple Run Brave

I now know what it’s like to be completely dominated at Temple Run Brave by a 3 Year Old.

It feels terrible….share my pain…

Wild West Hidden Object Game

Hidden Object Games are all the rage online and this is a brand new super fun game set in the Wild West.


You are the Town Sheriff and need to keep your Wild West town free from the evil bandits. You have 5 minutes to find all the bandits and deal with them!

The Temple Run Online Demographic

Recently we checked the demographic for every facebook like on the Temple Run Online Facebook Page. We we’re so shocked at the statistics that we decided to create this nice infographic to show you exactly who has been playing Temple Run Online in the last 30 days.

Temple Run Online Demographic Infographic

Angry Birds beats Catapult King

By now I’m sure you have come across the new 3D catapult game called Catapult King.  It’s the first time a game like this and indeed like Angry Birds has been made in 3D. It’s very cool if a little clunky and tricky. See the video below if you have never seen the game. We had wondered if this new twist on the incredible popular genre would make waves and to a certain extent it has but to make the point absolutely crystal clear we put this new comer to the biggest and baddest (even bigger than Temple Run!) game around: Angry Birds.

We ran a survey here on and discovered that over 80% of people prefer Angry Birds. That’s quite astonishing really and a real testament to how well conceived and marketed Angry Birds is. We are not surprised and hope the irrepressible franchise continues to entertain us all both on our mobiles and online.

We have now taken this to it’s logical conclusion and put Temple Run up against Angry Birds, who will win this battle royal?

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