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Top 5 funniest games!

Number 5:

Leisure suit Larry! Woah, an actual playboy look-a-like game! It’s funny to walk up to tons of girls, flirt with them and at the end, end up with them under some bed sheet. That’s basically on what the game is based. It’s not that fun but yeah, flirting can be pretty fun!

Number 4:

Postal. There’s not much to write about that game. There’s nothing more fun than running around the city and actually being able to unzip your pants and pee all around! You can walk up to a cop, unzip your pants and pee all over him! And he won’t harm you! Nah, just kidding, you’ll get your ass kicked. But there’s even more! You are able to place a cat’s head on your gun barrel and it will shoot frigging cat heads! Now how amazing is that?

Number 3:

Worms! I’m sure that all of you, readers, have played that game at least once! It was a must-have game back in 2000. Remember those cute worms, each time they would fall off a cliff they would face plant into the earth! And that bomb, which I’m pretty sure you remember.. When you toss it you hear the song which was stuck in your head for years. You know which song, yes, yes you do! HALLELUJAH!

Number 2:

Conker; Bad fur day! Why is that a funny game? It’s funny because of this specific scene where you throw toilet paper at an actual pile of crap! And it sings! Holy s***! And the lyrics go something like this: I am the great mighty poo and I’m going to throw my shit at you, a huge supply of tish come from my chocolate starfish.. La la la.. Uh, enough.

Number 1:

Neighbours from hell. Oh that game. I remember playing it a couple years ago.  It’s so damn fun to insert laxatives into your neighbours tea but before that, removing all the toiler paper from the toilet so he has a nice surprise when he gets inside! Oh, of course, I have to mention that sewing off the parts of his chair and removing the antenna from the tv is fun as well! But be careful! If he catches you, you are toast.

One Epic Knight Takes Temple Run’s Formula and Adds More

David Whatley was the creator of GeoDefense, a mega-hit in the App Store. After that they followed their success with the antihero tower defense app called Tiny Heroes. Now, Whatley and his team is coming up with another game and it is called One Epic Knight. And surprise, surprise, it takes the formula of Temple Run as its core gameplay. Just like Temple Run, One Epic Knight is a 3D endless runner game.

In One Epic Knight, one of the Tiny Heroes are sent into an endless dungeon and he should run past obstacles, hop over them, slide under them, doing everything necessary for him to succeed. Whatley actually worked with Imangi games in the past with the Android port of Temple Run itself.

This is not a total rip-off since there are various additions to the core gameplay. Players can pick up weapons and shields as they run. These equipment are used to either defend the player or attack everything that come their way. The coins collected along the way are used to buy upgrades and spells. There are even costumes available for purchase.

Just like Temple Run, One Epic Knight is free to download. And if you managed to play Temple Run (for sure you already had), you already are familiar playing this game and will find no time familiarizing the gameplay. The graphics is gorgeous looking also, for all of you who wants eye candy.

Pitfall! Suddenly Turns into Temple Run

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Temple Run has been a runaway hit (no pun intended). Weeks ago, Temple Run was able to hit the 100 million downloads milestone. Earlier from that, Disney partnered up with Imangi Studios in releasing Temple Run Brave, a re-skinning of the popular game using the characters from the animated movie, Brave.

Looks like Temple Run is inspiring everything even the mighty video game corporation: Activision. Activision is able to spin another named The Blast Furnace, and their first project is the remake of Pitfall!, the 1982 Atari classic. Pitfall! is now available in the appstore for 69p. It features new environments and has similar gameplay elements with Temple Run.

According to Gordon Hall, The Blast Furnace’s chief creative officer and former Rockstar Leeds chief,

“The original Pitfall! on the Atari 2600 pioneered the action-platform/runner genre. We loved Pitfall! then – along with millions of gamers around the world – and we still love it now. In fact, it was the game that inspired quite a few of us to seek a career in game development. This new incarnation delivers a best-in-class experience of the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The team has kept the elements that made the original so much fun to play, and merged them with a cool, retro HD art style, updated controls and play mechanics to keep both old-school fans and newcomers happy. We’re really excited to kick off Pitfall!’s 30th birthday by rebooting the franchise for the mobile audience.”

The Android version of Pitfall! is expected to be released soon.

Daaammn It’s Hot!

Are you tired of the annoying hot weather? Do you think that your country is the hottest?

Well, in Croatia, to be specific in Knin, a local TV station was filming the ground when a man came up, placing a ice cube on the floor so he waited to see how much time it is going to take for the ice cube to melt. How much do you think it took the ice cube to melt down? Well, you will be amazed. In 7 seconds, the ice cube turned into water! Now imagine walking without shoes on roads which melt ice cubes in less than 10 seconds! Also, think a little bit. Global warming? If an ice cube melts in 7 seconds, what do you think, how much time is it going to take for the sun to melt down the South and North pole? Hundreds of years.

I can’t find the photograph, do you have any funny photos of the hot summer?

Top 5 hottest women in gaming!

When we mere humans think about the women of our dreams we dont necessarily think about large chested women with tiny waists and long legs. Oh wait….ok so we do but we don’t usually fantasize about them being capable of killing with their bare hands! And thats where this new Top 5 Hottest women in gaming comes in.

Let’s start with Christie Monteiro from the world-wide known game Tekken! I’m a hundred percent sure that you’ve been playing that game on your PS1/PS2 and you had a lot of fun! Not like kids these days which are unhappy when they get a PSP instead of a PS3, if you know what I mean. Her capoeira fighting style is simply amazing!





 On number two we have Chun Li! From a world-wide known game as well. A fighting game just like Tekken but more original! Guess  which one it is? Yup, Street Fighter II! Just an amazing game. She definitely deserves the second place!





On the third place we’ve got Bayonetta from the game Bayonetta, of course. The chilling look on her face and glasses which make her look professional got her on the third place of our most sexiest women in video games!



Lady. Yes, her actual name is Lady! She takes the fourth place! She arrives from the Devil May Cry series and she’s a really tough nut! Her evil look simply charms you!




And Sophitia takes the fifth place in our Top 5 sexiest Video game women! She arrives from Soul Calibur IV and she’s able to provide you with a look on her amazing cleavage! She’s definitely the Pamela Anderson of fighting games!

Temple Run Developers Got Big by Being Small

Temple Run is being played by different people across all ages. Children and adults view the game as an entertaining diversion during long or short trips. Temple Run has been downloaded 100 million times, that is a very rare milestone.

Temple Run both runs on smartphones and tablet users, be it on an Android device or an iOS gadget. This particular game is about simple controls where players just swipe the screen or tilt the device for the controlled character to run.  There are traps, obstacles, and creatures that attack the controlled character. And you just can’t believe that this game is developed by a team of three: married couple Shepered and Natalia Luckyanova and artist Kiril Tchangov.

The three-man team cites their strength in being a small team. It makes them nimble. Without the red tape and bureaucracy, they can quickly according to their mission, vision and goal.

Temple Run is priced at 99 cents on its launch. The team then decided to switch into the freemium model to boost their user base and increase revenue. The game is free but players can pay money to purchase virtual gold coins for in-game upgrades.

Temple Run became an instant hit. There are lots of companies asking for licensing deals. One big example is, Temple Run: Brave. This video game is using the gameplay mechanics of Temple Run but using the characters in the Pixar animated film, which is, of course, Brave.

There will be comic books (both digital and in print) featuring Temple Run’s villainous monkeys and the intrepid treasure hunters. There will also be a card and board games and apparels this coming holiday season. You wouldn’t believe that for such a simple game, created by a very small team, success would find them in this magnitude. But they do deserve it.

Google Releases Ultimate List of File Sharing Services

Google, YES GOOGLE have released a list of all the sites that companies have reported for copyright infringement. So it’s a list of the sorts of sites where you can download games, videos, books for free. This is where you find the list. Over 14,000 sites are listed as being reported:

You can read more about this here:

Top 5 Scary Video Game Freakouts!

#1 Slender Game attempt

The video begins with a guy who is obviously full of confidence. He’s excited, he thinks he’s gonna boss the game and totally destroy it. Life is good, he is the Game Master. Mr G Q Smooth. Captain Cool. What could possibly go wrong?

All I’m gonna say is; girls scream less than this guy. And just wait for that surprise at the end, can’t be missed. This guy is a Grade A Pussy!

#2 Classic Scary Maze game freakout

Now this is an classic! A chubby adult who seems very amazed by the game, starts of with a big smile on his face and I’d say that he’s amazed by the way the game looks like even though it’s just a 3 colored game with 3 basic shapes. Just a regular maze, you know? So he proceeds towards the ending, again, with a big smile on his face, when suddenly, a scary picture pops up! He swings his arm towards the monitor, hitting it with his fist and literally penetrating it! He afterwards jumps on his feet, dropping a couple of tears while he releases squishy and girly voices. But that’s not everything! In the end, he ends up peeing himself! What a douche!

#3 Mom playing Amnesia!

So, the beginning is nothing special. You can realize that an actual mother is playing that with her family surrounding her. Her son helps her our with learning the basics. She appears to be very clumsy, just like 80% of mothers playing video games. She proceeds to the first door, grabbing rocks and pulling them away. At one moment, you can hear her say ” How is he so strong ?! “, yeah, Moms and Video games? Not a good combination. She then proceeds to walk, when her daughter gives up because she didn’t want to see any monsters pop up on the game. The mom, amazed by the game, proceeds towards the door. She opens and begins running away! Suddenly, the character stops moving and the captions say that she actually ran into her bedroom! Good job, mom!

#4 Penumbra freakout!

Now this one is my favorite video! Two friends on Skype, playing this puzzle/horror game called Penumbra! Mop is the one who is recording and Reno is his friend. In the beginning, Reno starts acting like a 5 year old kid! He sees a dog and starts yelling; Mop! Mop! Tell me there’s not a dog! Now that doesn’t make any sense since obviously, there’s a dog in front of him! And Mop is all calm and everything until he reaches that part as well, then he starts freaking out, like seriously, freaking out! The gameplay is not as funny as the actual commentary! You’ll have a good laugh, honestly.

#5 Friend freaks out a friend in F.E.A.R 3!

The video starts in the middle of action as one of the two friends which are at that moment playing FEAR 3 proceeds to walk towards the bathroom, nothing but screeching voices as he approaches an area filled with blood. As he walks up towards that corner he sees dead bodies, well, that’s normal for FEAR 3, isn’t it? Suddenly, something drops down, right above the guy. Now I didn’t understand that part, I didn’t know if it was his friend or just a creature. I should know that due the fact that I’ve played FEAR 3, but hey, I don’t remember. After cutting parts of the video, he displays himself walking on a wooden path to cross the room when suddenly his friend who’s playing the character called Fettel, drops down from the sky, scaring the shit out of the other guy! Now that’s a great friend!

Top 5 Myths about Temple Run!

The Green Water myth

Have you ever wondered why the water in the Ancient Temple is a mixture of the color black and green?Well there is a story hiding behind that little question! It is believed that, back in Ancient times, there was no water.Everything was just plain sand. Until one day, there was an ape invasion ordered by the so-called ‘ Ape King ‘. Every single person which, at that time was living in the temple, stood up on their feet and began fighting them. It didn’t matter if you were a woman, man or even a child! The King gave out a simple order; The person who doesn’t spill any blood while fighting against those Demonic Apes should never visit this place again nor live in it anymore! After hours of fighting, all apes have been defeated and their bodies were all laying across the sand. No one had the guts to touch the bodies. After a couple of days, the bodies began to smell and fall a part. As they were falling a part, the sand has began taking the form of a liquid which was the black colored and it had a couple of green details in it. The liquid was called Abyssal and it began to spread around the whole temple all the way to the Kings throne. The King was grabbed by a hand which came out of the sand, the hand was covered in Abyssal and it was impossible to destroy it. As it grabbed the King by his neck, it pulled him right into the underground world, where people believe that he had become the new ape king. As the apes sank into the Abyssal liquid, they became mutants. They’ve gained powers such as; High jumps, Fast speed and similar.


Now that no one lives in the temple anymore except apes and their king, you can notice skulls placed on the sticks which are located on each side of the bridge. You might’ve wondered what they represent. It is believed that two skulls on one stick represent a couple. One usual skull on a stick represents a person who never was in a relationship and doesn’t have a family. Small skulls which are barely visible represent kids. The Demonic Apes, after getting up from the underground, have killed every single person who, at that time has lived in the Temple. After that, they’ve decided to put skulls on sticks to represent them, giving them a small amount of respect. It is also believed that 87 kids were killed, 43 couples and 102 single adults were killed. If you add all those numbers together you get the number 202 which represented the amount of apes which were killed at the beginning, when everything was just plain sand.

Unique Powers

Are you amazed by the fact that your character has amazing power ups now and then? Well, they have their story as well, you know? But it’s not a hundred percent sure that that’s the actual story! The material has been found on a rock, just at the entrance of the temple. Let’s rewind the whole story back. One day before the first ape attack, everything is normal. The King had some nightmares about an ape attack which would destroy the city. After considering a couple of facts, he decided to put a curse on the city and it went like this: I, the King of the Temple here announce that if this city ever gets invaded by non-humans, a human who steps in it after the invasion will gain unique powers which would help him to defeat evilness and help out the Temple along with getting it back to life again! That curse still exists today, helping out every human which takes a step into the Temple to defeat the Demonic Apes!

The Myth behind Zack Wonder

Zack Wonder, the 24 year old footballer from Los Angeles, California. Have you ever wondered how he ended up in the Temple? No? Well, the myth says that while he was on his football practice, he didn’t have any luck. He had a huge headache and he was unable to do anything. As he was running towards the goal, he swung his leg towards the ball but it got stuck in the ground, Abyssal appeared and it began dragging Zack’s leg down into the underground. Everyone was looking at Zack when that happened but there is this little mystery which says that all of his friends have seen that but the coach didn’t, even though he was looking at him. It looked like he was trying to be like a mime.

The connection between Francisco Montoya and Amerigo Vespucci

A dark secret lays behind the background of Francisco Montoya. If you look closely at Montoya, you might be able to notice some signs which show that Montoya is an actual ghost. You are probably wondering; How the heck is he a ghost? The story goes like this; It is believed that Montoya was a worker on Amerigo Vespucci’s ship at that time, he was 40 years old. On the last Voyage, Montoya has lost all of his nerves and he decided to do the biggest mistake of his life. He rotated the cannon for 180 degrees, he aimed it towards his stomach and he fired up the fuse. As the cannon ball went through him, it has destroyed a key element on the ship. The ship began to sink slowly and as Montoya’s body went under water, it dissapeared. After a couple of months, he apperead in the temple.



Top 10 People Who Should be in Temple Run!

1. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt would be a great add-on for Temple Run due the fact he could have the biggest running speed but his jump height should be lowered. Think a little bit, Usain Bolt saying those cool lines in his Jamaican Accent! Now that would be a great experience! Imagine running away from the Apes and then you hear him say;  Rasta man, Jamaica runnin’ away from ‘di Babylon! And similar lines! It would give the game some amazing, unique and fun features!


2. Michael Jackson

We all know that he’s the biggest legend and the King of Pop but what about an amazing adventurer? Again, imagine running away from those Demonic Apes when uddenly, you hear; Billy Jean is not my lover, woooo! And when he dies, you hear that low squishy voice saying; Oh-oh. It would be also funny that every time he gets a power-up he mutters ‘ I’m so plastic, it’s fantaaaaaastic! ‘




3. Darth Vader

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Darth Vader getting lost in space and ending up at the Temple, running away from monkeys!I’m imagining that he would turn round every time he gets a power-up saying; *Vader voice* Apes, I’m your father! After that line, the apes would get even more angry and their running speed would be increased for a short amount of time.

4. Bad Luck Brian

  Now, he would be the hardest character to master. He’d be dragged from his chair into the PC and he would be set into the game, right infront of the monkeys. After a while of running, a big sign should appear saying Finnish, and yes, Finnish not Finish, written with an ugly font. Brian would begin to snore in a nerdish way which would represent his happines and after crossing the finish line there would be a monkey obstacle which is pretty hard to master. If the player masters the jump, the game will continue normally if not, the bad luck would strike Brian again.




5. Homer Simpson

D’oh! You can’t get enough of Homer saying D’oh, can you? Escaping the monkeys while Homer shouts out random lines such as; Beer, Beer, Beer! or  Mmmmm… ooonut! He would be a pretty clumsy runner, wouldn’t he? The power ups would probably be beer and donuts and each time he picks up one, he’d say Mmmmm… Oh and every time he would stumble over an obstacle he would shout out loud D’oh and he would hit himself in the face,  also known as Facepalm!





6. Ezio from Assasins Creed

I’m sure that all of you have at least tried playing Assassins creed, you have probably fell in love with Ezio on the first sight! Now, imagine having him as a character in Temple Run. It would be amazing if you’d be able to climb up the walls to avoid obstacles! His jump speed would be increased just like in the original game. Even though I’m a hundred percent sure that if he gets into Temple Run players would begin to do parkour instead of trying to beat the actual game!






7. Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

The whole internet is now obsessed with him! Every viral website on the internet is overfilled with his pictures, overfilled with the so-called memes. I know that all of you, Batman lovers would be interested into having him as a character in Temple Run, I’m a hundred percent sure. The fact that I’m not a big fan of Batman movies, doesn’t give me a chance to describe him fully. So I think that if he was in Temple Run, he’d have this ability to destroy obstacles, now and then. Ha! You would love that, wouldn’t you?




8. Kratos from God of War

The most amazing game ever made. I hope that this post will gather lots of God of War fanboys! Running away from Demonic Monkeys would never be so fun. Especially if he had the ability to swing his weird swords which for some reason extend themselves towards the monkeys, slowing them for a short amount of time.  It would be also amazing that the power ups would be red, green and blue glowing balls, GoW fans will recognize this due the fact that in GoW, each color represents a different element.




9. The Overly Attached Girlfriend

She would be the most scary and annoying character in Temple Run, that’s for sure! Each time you would fall, you would hear lines similar to: ” Hey I just met you and this is crazy, I have your number. I want your babies” and the all time classic ” I poked holes in all the condoms, now you have to love me forever “. scary, isn’t it? Now the scariest part would be seeing her actual face on screen, ugh-.. Gross!


10. Twitch from League of Legends



” Eeeew, what’s that smell? Oh, it’s me, whahaha “. Due the fact that League of Legends is at this moment the most played game in the world, I’ve chosen Twitch to be a character in Temple Run. His movement speed would be slower but his disgusting smell would slow down all enemies which are running behind him. Player would be probably annoyed by his voice. If you have never played League of Legends then his voice is really hard to explain. If you want to hear the sound check out the video below!