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Play Agent Dash Online!

Have you been playing Temple Run 24/7? Do you need a little break? Try out something different.. Agent Dash! Agent Dash is a runner game with the main character, obviously, Agent Dash. Agent Dash is a very clumsy agent from Great Britain. The amazing thing about this game is that you have tons of gadgets such as jetpacks, weapons and tons of different things! The game has lots of funny parts which will simply The difference between Temple Run and Agent Dash is that you are no longer in the ‘past’ as everything is modern in Agent Dash. You’ve got tons of gadgets and all that ‘future’ stuff. The fact that Agent Dash has tons of stuff makes it kind of hard to play because it’s hard to focus on all those things. Temple Run on the other side has those light colors which you are able to watch for 24 hours straight. In Agent Dash you are not using the accelerometer to move around. Everything goes using the touch screen. Now what a relaxation, after tilting your phone for 24 hours straight, you finally relax your muscles. So Agent Dash is a game where you basically rush through enemy bases, destroying everything what’s on your path! Agent Dash is free to play, it’s available for your iPhone/iPad or android and it can be obviously bought at the Apple App store or at Google Play!

Agent Dash vs Temple Run

Now, let’s compare Agent Dash and Temple Run online. Temple Run online is a runner game based in the ‘past’. You are running through old temples which were used by different religions. Agent Dash as a GirlYour main goal is to be always a step away from the Demonic monkeys which are always trying to chase you down! You also have to avoid every single trap in order to get the highest score. We should not forget to mention that you are collecting coins, bonuses and similar which are a must if you want a high score! Agent Dash, on the other hand is different. You are not playing as a adventurer but as a clumsy Agent. We could compare Agent Dash with Johnny English.

Have you ever heard of the zany British spy Johnny English? He is a character in a movie and is played by Rowan Atkinson ( Mr. Bean ) where his main mission is to protect the queen. The movie is funny as hell, so is the game Agent Dash. You are not collecting coins and you are not chased by some weird monkeys. The exciting thing about Agent Dash is that you are able to buy gadgets which make the game even more interesting. Agent Dash has tons of creative traps such as lasers, doors closing while you are running towards them and similar. We could compare Temple Run and Agent Dash just like Anno 1701 and Anno 2070. Anno 1701 is based in the year of 1701 and Anno 2070 obviously in 2070. People say that 1701 is much better than 2070, it doesn’t matter that, let’s say, in 1701 you are riding on animals and in 2070 you are flying in some spaceship things. If you’ve never heard about the game, check it out on Google. Now, here’s a 15 minute long Gameplay Trailer for Agent Dash!

Gameplay Video

Happy birthday Google!

Let’s dedicate this post to Google. Why? Because it’s Google’s 14th birthday! We’ll provide you with some facts which you didn’t know about Google, information on how everything began and similar!

Did you know that Google gets daily search requests from all over the world? You are probably thinking ” Aaaaand…? “. Well, I say ‘ from all over the world ‘ then I mean ‘ from all over the world ‘, which means including Antarctica and similar places where humans would struggle to survive! Now, imagine, people on Antarctica using actual computers and searching for stuff over Google on a daily basis! Have you ever wondered how the name ‘Google’ came to life? Well, Google was a grammar mistake. The creators of Google were about to name the Search engine Googol but they didn’t realize that they wrote Google instead, now that’s how the name came! Well, Gogool or Google wasn’t the first name of course, the search engine’s previous names were; RankDex and BlackRub. Did you know that Google receives more than a billion search requests per day?! Talking about the Modern Age, heh.. Did you know that if you were the owner of a big company such as Coca Cola and you’d be interested into placing a Coca-Cola advertisement on the webpage you would have to pay around 10 million dollars! Woah.. Well if you think a little bit, it would be worth it. Of course, not placing a Coca-Cola ad but an ad for a new made company which has potentials to succeed! Imagine 3-4 billion people looking at your ad every time they turn on their web browser, huh.. Did you know that the first ‘Google Doodle’ was a Google Logo with a stickman? It looked like this:

The hidden message behind that picture was that the founder have gone to the Burning Man festival! Did you know that Google isn’t using lawnmowers to cut the grass? In 2009 they’ve rented 200 goats to eat all the grass infront of their headquarters! For all of you, Star Wars geeks, Google is available in the Star Wars Klingon language! We are saved if Aliens decide to take over our planet.

Now, let’s switch to the how everything began part, just a little amount of information which are going to tell you how Google came to life! The ‘google’ project was created in 1996 as a research project by Sergey Brin and Larry Page when they were both students at Stanford University in California. The first appearance of Google was in 1997. when the Google domain was finally registered! The server was based in a friend’s garage! Now imagine having a little project with your buddy, creating a website just for fun and suddenly it turns into the biggest Search engine through which you earn billions and billions of dollars! Ha! Happy birthday, Google. I hope you feel lucky now.

Top 5 Android games.

Now let’s get away from those iPhone’s, iOS’s and similar. Due the fact that iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are the two titans at this moment, I’ve decided to change the theme. Enough of iOS games, let’s talk about the top 5 games made for Android phones! ( Yes, you are able to play games on Android phones, iPhone fanboys )

Number 1! Dead Space

Now this game beats EVERY iOS game ever made. It has amazing graphics which if you would watch the gameplay only, you’d think that it was recorded from an actual PC! Now Dead Space is a survival horror, third person shooter game made by EA Games. The PC/XBOX and PS3 versions of this game have won tons of rewards such as IGN Best of 2008, best of Gamespot 2008 and similar! Now, imagine your favourite 2010-2012 PC game and imagine playing it on your Android mobile phone, amazing, right? Here’s a video of the gameplay, if you don’t believe me.

Number 2! Angry Birds Space

After Angry Birds Space was released, 35 days later, the amount of 50 million downloads has been reached! Now isn’t that amazing? Imagine creating a game and 5o million people download it in one month! Ha! Doesn’t matter if you have played Angry Birds before or you are new to the game, Angry Birds Space is completely different. Instead of flying from point A to point B, you fly through different bubbles which have their gravity changed. You need to think before launching your bird into the space! You launch your bird too high, the gravity pulls your bird down, hitting the green piggy thing and completing  the level. Here’s how it looks like:

Number 3! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Now there’s not much to talk about this game due the fact that I’m a hundred percent sure that all of you have played Need for Speed at least once in your life. So yeah, you’ve got tons of cars to choose, you are racing against your opponents in closed streets which means there is no free roaming and your goal is obviously to get to the finish line first. The fun thing about the game is that it’s using the accelerometer and that it’s graphics are simply amazing. Here’s a video of the gameplay:

Number 4! Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Wow. Just Wow. Same as Dead Space, imagine buying yourself the favourite FPS game and simply installing it on your mobile phone. Now this game is full of action. The games has thirteen levels and it’s based in the USA. It’s a futuristic First Person Shooter game which is similar to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game has lots of character and it even has a Multiplayer mode! The Multiplayer mode has six maps and 8 game modes to play, including Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. Here’s the multiplayer gameplay video:

Number 5! N.O.V.A. 3

Now this game is a HALO look-a-like and the graphics are simply amazing. Again, it’s a futuristic first person shooter game. The game includes a multiplayer mode as well.. But there’s something different about this game. It was introduced by MLG, also known as Major League Gaming which is one of the biggest Gaming Leagues out there. The League of Legends grand prize at MLG was 5.000.000$! Now imagine playing a mobile phone game for such an amount of money. Here’s a multiplayer game video of the game:

Top 5 Endless Runner Games for Android that aren’t Temple Run

Being in a world where everything is fast-paced; from fast-food to flash-fiction to flash-games (pun severely intended). In fact so fast is the world now that people don’t hold the door open for each other or help up our fallen comrades. I guess we had it coming that games reflecting these ugly truths would come out sooner or later. And come out they already have. These said games are aptly called “runner games.” It should be made clear this early in the article that this is not the Runner Games Company (company that develops games for Android and iOS) that I am talking about. I am talking about “runner games” in the most basic definition of those words combined: runner, which involves running; and, game, which is, well, a video game.

If you haven’t been playing video games for a while, think of it this way, “runner games” are games like Famicom’s Thunderbolt 2, minus the guns, making your only means of survival being your evasive skills.Also, game developers got lazy and forgot to program the forward and backward motion, which means you get dragged by the screen as it moves along  Oh, and I forgot to mention, you also have to add tons of caffeine to the mix. So, yeah, that would be the fast-paced part of the game.

Now, who the hell would want to play games that brutally reflect our current situations as human beings in this god-forsaken world? Apparently, a lot of us do,including me. Being the sado-masochist that I am, I compiled the best “runner games” that I’ve played in Android for you to try and enjoy (or loathe) yourselves.

So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 Endless Runner Games for Android (that you can get for free!)

5. NinJump by Backflip Studios

Let’s begin with Backflip Studio’s NinJump. Now, a lot of you may wonder “If it’s a runner game, why isn’t the game called NinRun?” Well, aside from that title sounding like a complete ass, the gameplay is actually very “runner-like” in itself. Think of it this way, ninjas “run” on walls. That’s just how offensively cool they are. Being a “runner game” the main task is for you to evade birds, and ninja stars, and other ninjas, and foxes, and, wait, what? Foxes? Seriously? Running on clotheslines? Well, that would be the least of the things that would disturb you in a game where the buildings you’re running on are endless.

4. Line Runner by Djinnworks e.U.

Well, this game made a lot of commotion in the iPhone community. Must be the sheer difficulty of the damn game. Honestly, my best score is just 147. But, that’s not stopping me from playing the game over and over again. It must be the beautiful simplicity of the game, it being a simulacrum of the stick-figure fantasies we had during Algebra classes complete with the red ink for blood stains. And, trust me, this game has a lot of those red ink blots. A lot. I love this game.

3. Run Like Hell! YETI EDITION by Mass Creation

Now, if you want a “runner” that’s gentle on the brutal and difficulty scale and hyped to hell on the thrill scale, this game’s for you. Run Like Hell! YETI EDITION follows the same game-play of the first Run Like Hell, only this time instead of a tribe of spear throwing maniacs hungry for your flesh, you have THE Abominable Snowman at your heels. It gets really REALLY exciting once the Yeti’s head comes peeping out from the left side of the screen. Of all the games on this list, this has the highest thrill factor. Definitely not for those suffering heart problems.

2. Nosferatu – Twilight by Playphone

Now, this game is cute. Seriously, it is. The animation is literally eye-candy. Not as difficult as the previous games, but it’s appeal comes from the colors and the daily tasks that you have to do just for the Vampire’s kicks. No, seriously, you play a vampire running for his life as the sun slowly creeps out of the horizon. Weird enough, “Twilight” means dying light. But, anyway, we’re not here to criticize game titles. But, seriously, why would there be coins and people at night on top of rooftops? Well, we are in a society of game fanatics who don’t question where their RPG characters store all their loot or where the hell the arrows come from, so I guess we should move on to…

1. Gravity Guy by

The only “runner” on the list that follows a story line. Also, this has the best in-game music and graphics of them all. It also has a multi-player option if you want to be a competitive ass and all that jazz. Well, the thing with me is that the more I like a game, the more I bitch about the things they should change. So, I’m going to start with the fact that they have to really change the game-play and let the players change the gravity while on air. Yeah, it already seems a hell lot like Jetpack Joyride but hey, can’t really deny the fact that that was one cool game, eh?

So, there you have it, my list of the best free runner games for Android. Just a recap, we started with a ninja scaling infinite towers, then a beautifully brutal stick-figure runner, then a runner getting chased by a snow monster, then a vampire that runs on rooftops populated by people and coins at the break of dawn, and, finally, a disquietingly disturbing runner that gives you the possibility of falling towards the sky forever. And, yeah, all games sound like nightmares turned digital. Then again, the reality of life — never stopping and break-neck fast — is more unsettling. But, hey, these are the games that would really burn your time with fun.

Portal on your mobile phone!

Portal is a first person puzzle game that allows you to jump through walls, through floors and do everything you can possibly imagine to solve a puzzle. If you have never heard about the game, it’s a puzzle game in which you can use your portal gun to create a Blue and Orange portal. For example, you shoot a blue portal to one side of the wall and you shoot the orange portal to the other side of the wall, now when you walk through one of them, you’ll exit on the other one. The game is made by Valve and it’s pretty hard. It requires a lot of thinking. It’s a shame that Portal, the first Portal made, has only 19 levels! Which means you can complete it in about 1-2 hours if you are smart enough.

Now, back to having Portal on your smartphone. Doesn’t matter if it’s on iOS, Android or anything else! The game is simple, yet amazing. You are fighting against GLaDOS ( Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System ) and it’s basically the main character in the game. Of course, it would be amazing if the game had some different features, so it’s not the same like the PC version. For example, more levels. It should be something like Angry Birds where you have 100 levels or similar. Portal has a lot of fans which means that it would be a bestseller! The could include different characters to play so it isn’t always the same and after that, they could release Portal 3 which would be amazing and totally different, it would be an amazing game, I’m a hundred percent sure! If you have never played Portal, here’s a video of it’s gameplay. As you can notice, it’s only level 04 – 08. It’s because 00 – 04 is the boring tutorial part which if you want to see, you’ll have to buy the game and play it, or you can search for tutorial videos on YouTube. The game is definitely worth buying! You can buy it on Steam for 6,99€! Now that’s cheap, isn’t it?

So what we want is Portal to be released for mobiles, could be amazing to leap between levels on peoples phones.

Top 5 most difficult games!

Number 1! QWOP

Now that game will annoy you as much as it can! You are supposed to make the character run as far as he can by only using the keyboard buttons Q, W, O and P. It looks easy doesn’t it? But it definitely isn’t! Each button controls a certain part of his body which makes it almost impossible to run! Now go try that game out and tell us how far did you get!

RAGE! Yep, I reckon this game has probably destroyed more shit in my house than my dog, my cat, and my grandad when he reversed his car into my lounge. It’s just so damn annoying. CALF..THIGH…FAIL…..and then you find some smart arse who has it down pat. I bow to their excellent. This game has to be the hardest game ever made because…well it just is. Watch this pro-gamer lose his mind…

And now, watch in awe as this guy nails it…I hate him.

Number 2! Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball is a platform published by Sega! You are basically a monkey which rolls around in a ball (shock huh!) and needs to collect some various items and in the end, get to the certain checkpoint. Now, that’s hard. But, there’s an even more annoying thing. The screen is all shaky, I got dizzy after 20-30 minutes, and was physically wretching after an hour. So while the game isn’t that hard itself, when you add in the fact you’ll be seeing double and reaching for a bucket to throw up in it becomes pretty damn difficult. Is it any wonder so many consoles get smashed every year?

Number 3! Contra

Contra, also known as Gryzor in Europe is a run and gun action game developed and published by Konami. So, you’ve got only 3 lives to end the game. Damn, that’s hard. Tons of enemies and random gadgets which are trying to kill you as fast as they can! The bullets you are shooting kinda look-a-like sperm ejaculations which makes it kinda funny. It’s an old game and it’s worth playing!

Number 4! I wanna be the guy!

Your first boss monster you have to defeat is Mike Tyson! Ha! Be afraid and hope that he doesn’t bite your ear off! The game is hard as hell! Without infinite lives you won’t be able to do anything! With tons of objects which travel towards you, destroying everything what’s in their path makes the game very hard! You need to jump over big gaps and watch out for spikes which kill you immediately!

Number 5! Devil May Cry 3

They’ve set the normal difficulty level to hard! And after that they had to release a completely new game making it actually playable! At this moment, Devil May Cry 3 is one of the hardest games in the world, making it almost impossible to complete it! Don’t believe us? Try it!