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The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

Considering you all loved our infographic on The Evolution of the Playstation Controller, we stumbled across another cool infographic on The Creative Bloq Entitled “The Evolution of the Video Game Controller” that we know you’ll love as much as we do! It starts off with the retro “Tennis for Two” control and spans right through to the modern all-singing-all-dancing controllers of today. check it out!

The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

As you can can see, across the X-Axis are the different types of controller which are;

  • Handhelds
  • Analog Knob/Gamepad/Stick
  • Balance Board/Foot Pad
  • Flip Switch
  • Gamepad
  • Instrument
  • Joystick/Arcade Stick
  • Light Gun
  • Motion Capture/Motion Gun
  • Numberpad
  • Racing Wheel
  • Touch
  • Trackball

These are indicated by their unique colours which connect them by their coloured lines on the graph.

Down the Y-Axis are the years of which the controllers came about, starting with the Tennis for Two controller from way back in 1958 through to the likes of the Playstation Dualshock 4 of 2013.

List of Celebrity Gamers

Have you ever killed someone in Call of Duty or talked smack to someone in Grand Theft Auto and ever wondered who they really are behind the pixels? Well it turns out that those blocks of pixels could be controlled by a celebrity!

Well the guys over at Juego Studio have put together this nice list of celebrity gamers into a well presented infographic for you to enjoy.

Top 15 Celebrity Gamers


Our List of Celebrity Gamers

Building on top of Juego Studio’s list, we’ve decided to compile our own list of celebrity gamers.

  • Andy Murray – Call of Duty
  • Cameron Diaz – World of Warcraft
  • Daniel Craig – Halo
  • Olivia Munn – Call of Duty
  • Jessica Alba – Mario
  • Jodie Foster – Guitar hero
  • Dave Chapelle – Grand Theft Auto
  • Mila Kunis – Call of Duty
  • John Cena – Command & Conquer
  • Julia Roberts – Halo
  • Elijah Wood – Silent Hill
  • Megan Fox – Mortal Kombat
  • Snoop Dogg – Halo
  • Rosario Dawson – Guitar Hero
  • Kim Kardashian – Call of Duty

Help us grow the list

Have we missed anybody out? Let us know by leaving us a comment with a Celebrity name, the game they play and some kind of evidence and we’ll add them in to the list!

The Evolution of the Playstation Controller

Unlike other popular games consoles, the Playstation controller has remained quite consistent in the design. Did you know the original Playstation was released in 1994? That’s almost 20 years ago!! In that time, Sony have just tweaked their original controller design to incorporate the latest technologies available that will enhance the way a user interacts with the game through the medium of their fingertips.

Check out this awesome infographic for a descriptive view on the Evolution of the Playstation Controller accompanied by fun facts such like how the circle and cross represent ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and the reason why the 2006 Sixaxis Wireless controller didn’t feature any rumble or vibration motors.

The Evolution of the Playstation Controller

The Evolution of the Playstation Controller

Best Endless Runners 2013

So it’s now September and so much has happened in the endless runner genre this year and mobile games in general. Mobile games are growing at a simply astonishing race in the West. This has then been accelerated as countries like India and Pakistan are being flooded with Android smart phones and  iPhone sales catching up the market has exploded, and so has the number of great endless runners. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a run down of the best endless runners around in 2013. Some of these you can play online, others you can only play on your mobile (see our instructions on how to play mobile games on your pc).

So the best games of 2012 were obviously games like Temple Run but of course Temple Run has had a few new versions including film related releases. Which while slightly slower than the original are none the less brilliant games. If you’re wondering if Temple Run 2 makes the short list of the best endless runners then read on!

Now this is just our opinion, so if you think we’ve missed out your favourite game, or you think our list sucks then let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page or by telling us on our facebook page.


Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

The endless runner full of excitement! Well, the game was created by Halfbrick studios, which are also the creators of the world-famous game FruitJetpack Joyride gameplay Ninja. You play as a businessman who got ahold of a Jetpack, his eyes become sparkly as he puts on the jetpack and as the title says, he “joyrides” through the laboratory. In the game you’ve got tons of obstacles which you need to avoid in order to get to the end of the game. There are also those annoying lasers which strike through your screen. Warning, you might experience a big adrenaline rush while you are playing the game, teehee. I’d say that Jetpack Joyride is the most fun endless runner created in 2013 due to it’s uniqueness, the way you play it and frankly the excitement which we have not experienced in a very long time!




Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Thug life game. So yeah, Subway SurfersSubway Surfers Gameplayis a quality and fast paced game where your mission is to basically run away from the officer which, for some reason is trying to catch you, you of course being an arch criminal. Considering the fact that the characters you play in Subway Surfer are kids, I can’t see point.. Why would 12 year olds spray graffitis around the city, jump over trains and be chased by the police? Well, yeah, let’s take a look on the realistic side, the game is really fun to play as it offers you astonishing graphics which can’t be run on lower-end smartphones, now yeah, that’s a bummer.

Doodle Jump HD

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump GameplayNow, here’s something different. This isn’t an endless runner game as per the exact definition, but it is endless and you are technically running. More accurately it’s actually an Endless Jumper game which provides you with lots and lots of fun, and at the same time, it kills your boredom. Simplicity sometimes can be better than sick graphics, tons of features and similar. Your goal is basically to jump from one tile to the other, in order to get the biggest score in the city. Yeaaah, and it can get pretty annoying when have to fight those evil monsters which are trying to mess you up.

Agent Dash

Agent Dash

Now, this game, oooh yeah. You are in the role Agent Dash Gameplayof a clumsy Agent who was apparently sent by the queen to save the world, or whatever. You’ll notice that he’s actually bad at doing that and that he makes every go wrong. He kinda reminds people of Johnny English, the character who is being portrayed by Rowan Atkinson, also known as Mr Bean. As every endless runner game, your goal is to collect as most coins possible, in this case, Diamonds, and basically get to the longest distance possible. All in all, the game is much fun to play.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Probably the most famous endless runner games by now,Temple Run 2 Gameplay some say it’s even better than the first, legendary, Temple Run. There’s not much explanation to be said about this game, you all know the Temple Run concept. Being chased by Demonic monkeys is not that fun, not that you need any extra motivation to play the game. It provides you with lots of characters to play, cool power ups and lots of sleepless nights and fun commutes back home after work and school. The Temple Run series has notched up over 50,000 years in total game time played globally and literally millions and millions of download. You can see more about how popular Temple Run is here. You can also play Temple Run 2 online right here on

Into the Dead


IntoTheDead GameplayThis is definitely a different endless runner. Your goal is to get as far as possible without getting caught by zombies (who wants to get caught by a zombie…). You are provided with different weapons which help you out to get those zombies back to the grave (RAAHRR!). The bad thing about the game is that the colors are too mon0tone (black and white), of course, you can’t expect shiny colors like blue, green, yellow in a horror game based on let’s say, zombie survival but after a while the dullness really gets to you. Since the zombie apocalypse got famous because of the Walking dead series, DayZ and other similar stuff, Into the Dead could be easily said as one of the best zombie games made for mobile phones, and if we love playing it, there are bound to be many of you out there who are as well. And with mobile downloads in the hundreds of thousands we know we’re right.



The End is one of my most favourite Endless runner games TheEndApp Gameplayas it’s as a realistic as it can’t be. It’s based on the 21.12.2012 event. Which means that you are basically running away from Doomsday. It has lots of unique characters and amazing voice overs, sick animations and different environments. It’s very hard to find a game unique as this one. I’d place it on a high spot in the leaderboards as it’s different from the other games and it’s as fun as it can get.



A game based in the past, with unique heroes. The game begins in a barRunngun Gameplay, where you have to chase a thief, who wierd as it can get, is a goblin/troll, how ever you name him. Your mission is to run after him, and shoot him down with those ick guns your hereo has. The game provides you with five unique heroes. It has some astonishing and clear graphics which make the gameplay even better.

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings

Here’s something different. It’s a side based endless… Flyer? Or something like that. The game is simple to learn, and incredible easy to play. For many people it’s simplicity is exactly why they love to play it when on the move. You control this little cute bird, which you use to fly across the world. The controls are very complicated, you won’t be able to master them, okay.. Are you ready? You just tap the screen. Sounds too simple doesn’t it? Well yeah, but the game is simply so addictive that you’ll end up spending lots and lots of your free time playing it.

Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey

Now.. Hah.. Listen up. You’ll be astonished, amazed, shocked…Baby Monkey GameplayThis game…is based.. On a monkey, riding a pig, BACKWARDS. Now how epic is that?! The pig runs like he’s a second away from getting eaten by evil humans, and he somehow tries to shake off the monkey of his back, while the hyperactive monkey keeps grabbing the pig by his tail. The game has beautiful cartoonish graphics and it’s so much fun to play. The game has cool environments, from sunny days, to winter days, to running past zombies on a graveyard. This game is as crazy as it can get, it’s a must try. Launches Official Gamepop Android App!

We’re happy to announce that we have released our very own Gamepop Android App onto the Google Play Store. This app acts as a standalone RSS reader, allowing you to read the latest mobile gaming news from straight to your Android Device.

Gamepop App ScreenshotAlong with a list of our latest blog posts in an easy to read touch screen format, there is also quick links to our social network sites for you to easily connect to us with a method you prefer, this means you are never more than a few swipes away from interacting with us. Our content comes from the feedback we get from you so the more feedback you provide, the better we can make the end-user experience of Gamepop!

The Gamepop App is completely free to download so install it, rate it, and offer new ways that we can make it better and we will listen and do our best to improve it for future versions!

GTA Online Announced

The unveiling of Rockstar Games new mmo GTA ONLINE takes place today (August 15th). You can play Grand Theft Auto Online for free as a stand alone game, with special access for those people who have a retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V.  GTA Online launches on October 1st and we cannot wait!

GTA Online is an all you can eat MMO where you can do all of the cool GTA stuff in the persistent world of Los Santos. Players can play alone or join forces to rob, steal, race cars, do jobs, buy an apartment, a garage, race boats, and…and…….and………ok there is simply no way you’re going to get bored in this game! Oh and unlike most other mmos you can create levels for the FPS shooter component and design your own race tracks. This game has it all, and we’ll keep you up to date with it as we get close to the release date of October 1st. The brand spanking new game play video has been released and you can watch that here at GamePop:

We recommend you turn up the headphones and watch this full screen, it’s absolutely amazing.

GTA online is a separate entity to GTA V although is accessed through the GTA V engine.

Are you bored of your typical online multiplayer gaming experience of competing against 3 other online players? Well Rockstar Games have created an immense MMO gameplay in a surreal world that mimics real life to the max. Looking forward to the near future; GTA online will provide you with 16 online players to create, build and live in a virtual world that will continue to expand over time.

To access GTA online you must use the ‘Switch Wheel’ in your character selection and select your created avatar. This will be located with the more famous and well-known characters Michael and Franklin.

‘Will cash-flushed ‘Whales’ and nihilist morons ruin the experience? Rockstar promise rank-based matchmaking and extensive policing, but that’s a tough claim for a game that could potentially rival Call of Duty’s levels of popularity.’


You may be thinking that once GTA online is launched you will again be delayed in your gaming experience, as there will be expectations of extremely large downloads or extensive updates in order to play; however Rockstar have shortened this process by asking the gamers to provide a code to play.

GTA online will begin with sharing gameplay features and taking the concepts of freedom mission based gameplay to a multiplayer extensive world. You will be provided with all the perks of GTA V gameplay with the added bonus of playing against competitors or working in alliance with your friends to complete missions and play in traditional game modes in the intensive and immensely detailed MMO.

The game will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3, although it is rumored that Rockstar Games haven’t ruled out the release of GTA V on PC and Wii U. This is in serious consideration and there is also speculation that Rockstar intend to release GTA V for the new additions to gaming Xbox One and PS4.

‘To be clear, GTA V and GTA Online look fantastic for PS3 / 360 titles but this is the reality of seeing a game in action, not its manicured trailers.’


There are many new experiences to witness and engage in in the new GTA online. One of the more elaborate details in the game is that you can now lip sync with your on screen character as you speak directly into your headset. In game characters will react to your voice on the severity or urgency in your tone making the characters react in different ways depending on the situation for example shouting whilst robbing a bank will make the bankers fill the bags quicker, or getting a friend to cause a distraction like shouting at a policeman during the game to enable other gamers to move freely without getting caught.

GTA online provides all the gameplay features that you would expect from a challenge based game, but with added extras that will leave you reeling for more. From bank heists to sporting events, gang play to flying solo literally. There is something for every gamer in this online frenzy of customized characters, cars, houses and lives, I mean you can even insure cars and ring for replacements when they are damaged, what other MMO is going to go to these lengths to give you the best gaming experience. Rockstar Games have chiseled every angle of this online game and also have the intention of extending it further to other countries and maybe even bringing Vice City back on the maps, what more could you ask for.

SimCity Review

The new SimCity is one of the most anticipated game of this generation. Not only that it is part of the most popular video game series of all time but the follow-up of its fourth iteration should be released already, it has been a decade…until now.

One of the biggest controversy of the new SimCity is the fact that it needs constant Internet connection. This is a valid problem for the fans of the game. SimCity is one of those game that you can play riding the train or plane, its core gameplay doesn’t require much movement or reflex, it is more cerebral. Now, if you choose to play the new SimCity, you better have an Internet connection. Though, according to this blog, 3G connection with kbps speeds are fine, and that guy is situated in a third world country.

Anyway, one of the best and long-time coming feature of the new SimCity is the welcome addition of curved roads. Finally, for the longest time, you can lay down roundabouts or save precious space by maneuvering the terrain for better road placement. Speaking of space, one of the downers of the new SimCity is the city size, it is small, like really small. You cannot have town sprawling in large spaces. This may be the effect of this always-online shenanigans. Also, the God Mode is omitted, you cannot modify the terrain in your liking. This is one of the biggest flaws one can think of, is it because of the always online requirement? Supposedly, this always online component of SimCity would provide additional gameplay experience by offloading some of the complex calculations of Glassbox into EA’s servers. This is not the case, however, since EA’s server suffered from the initial explosion of connection from first day purchasers of the game.

Meanwhile, SimCity is a good game, however, it is obvious that in order to curb piracy the game suffered multipile omissions of SimCity of what SimCity really meant. The region connection is good though, as you have to help (and profit from it) neighboring cities. But can’t EA just give it as the multiplayer aspect of the game? SimCity can survive without this always online thing. Don’t believe me? Look at the previous sales record of the previous game. Pirates won’t buy the thing anyway, why bother the legit gamers?2447664-simcity_20city (1)

Windows Classic Games for Windows 8 or Windows RT Part 3

This continues the list of Windows Classic Games for Windows 8 or Windows RT. As we have already discovered, some of the Windows Classic Games are not available anymore in the native Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Some of the Windows Classic Games, however, are available for download in the Windows Store. Some of them have been upgraded and come along with a price, but most of them are free.





From the same makers of Radiant Defense, Hexage redesigns the old space shooter genre of computer game. Not to be confused with Radiant Defense, Radiant looks like more of the classic arcade games, like Space Invaders, Asteroid Shooter, and others.


Like Space Invaders and Asteroid Shooter, the game play of Radiant is to shoot the asteroid, the creeps, and the aliens that fly into screen, hover above the player’s spacecraft, and drop random object like explosives or power-ups.


Radiant has three various playing modes: casual, survivor, and hardcore. Players have various upgrade options and the game offers various levels and stages more hours for playing.


Radiant is available for free download in the Microsoft Store. It is also available in Android and iOS versions.


Flow Free



Like old connect-the-pipe games, Flow Free is a puzzle game that teases the brain. The players must connect all pairs of colors on the screen without overlapping one another.


As the level progresses, the number of grids and pair of colors increase. There are many packs to choose, all ranging in number of pair colors and grids.


The game does not become a bore for there are more than 600 levels to choose.


Flow Free is available for free download in Microsoft Store. Flow Free is also available in Android and iOS versions.





A Windows Classic Games folder is not complete without a word puzzle game. Adlib tests the player’s vocabulary and attention to detail.


Adlib combines the game play of a classic Tetris game and word search. In order to form words, you have to move the letter tiles. When a word is created, the tiles explode leaving another jumble of letters for you to move.


The challenge of the game is to clear all tiles from the screen or fill the points bar on the corner. There is no free play mode, meaning you have to play the level only on these two conditions before moving to the next level.


Like other word puzzle games, you have a helpful/annoying character on the corner. In Adlib, a small owl in a shirt gives advice and tips.


Adlib is available for free download in Microsoft Store.


Windows Classic Games for Windows 8 or Windows RT Part 2

Windows Classic Games for Windows 8 or Windows RT Part 2

This continues the list of Windows Classic Games for Windows 8 or Windows RT.

As we have already discovered, some of the Windows Classic Games are not available anymore in the native Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Some of the Windows Classic Games, however, are available for download in the Windows Store. Some of them have been upgraded and come along with a price, but most of them are free.


Pinball FX2

Microsoft Windows Pinball has had many names along the history of Windows Classic: Space Cadet, Skulduggery, and Dragon’s Keep. The official name of this Windows Classic game, however, is Full Tilt! Pinball. The names Space Cadet, Skulduggery, and Dragon’s Keep actually refer to different design of the tables.

Windows Pinball was introduced in Microsoft Plus 95 and was particularly popular for its pre-rendered 3D graphics.

Windows Pinball had been dropped in the later versions of Windows OS. A new version of Pinball, called Pinball FX2, has been main available for free download in the Microsoft Store, using Xbox games app.


Pinball FX2 offers one map or table. You need to have an Xbox LIVE account and pay a little price to buy the rest of the tables and game features.


Agent 008 Ball


Another Windows Classic game particularly popular for it pre-rendered 3D graphics is Billiards for Windows. Instead of playing the actual game with shaky hands and dull eyes in real life, Billiards for Windows offered a virtual game where you can compete with the computer or another friend in 2-player mode.


One of the interesting features of Agent 008 Ball is that the 8 ball transforms into an explosive if bumped many times without being holed. The game only allows 2 minutes for all the balls to be in.


It is available in the Windows Store for free download.


Radiant Defense


Radiant Defense is a new addition to the tower defense genre of video games. Like any tower defense games, Radiant Defense expects the player to protect a base or tower from approaching or the attacks of incoming opponents by obliterating them.


Radiant Defense is a new game available for free download in the Microsoft Store. Even though Radiant Defense is new, with stunning graphic and game amazing features, the tactics and game play is classic. You would want this game included in your games folder in Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Windows Classic Games for Windows 8 or Windows RT

There’s something mystical about the earl Microsoft Windows games that came with NT4 and Windows 95 and the (as usual) best thing is you can now play many of them online. Which is made all the more important because some of the Windows Classic Games we fell in love with in our youth are not available anymore in the native Windows 8 or Windows RT. We all agree that games have been developed for Windows 8 and Windows RT. They are more intricate in game play, are more visually stunning, and are more engaging. Yet, let’s be honest. These simple Windows Classic Games have pushed through many times in long and boring moments in our school days and early professional career.

If not the antidote for boredom, the simplicity of Windows Classic Games have helped us while and waste our ways. Windows Classics Games are the must-have and best friends of procrastinators everywhere. And have been for many many years.

Here are some Windows Classic Games that are available for download in the Windows Store ore available to play online on Some of them have been upgraded and come along with a price if you wish to download them, but most of them are free, especially if you want to play them online.


Solitaire is one of the most popular games from the Windows Classic. It has been with us since Windows 3.0 or during the early nineties when people are still getting used to the new graphical user interface (GUI). Solitaire is one of the games that helped popularize and appreciate the mouse GUI of point-and-click, drag-and-drop.


The original Solitaire (Klondike) can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store as Solitaire Collection. The Microsoft Solitaire Collection includes other four equally familiar Windows Classic solitaire games: Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks.



Like Solitaire, Minesweeper is one of the most popular games from Windows Classic. Minesweeper is a puzzle board game using algebra of binary variables, where the locations of the mines change randomly in every game.

This computer game has been with us since the early days of computer, when a similar mainframe game appeared during the 1960s and 1970s. The version we are familiar now came to Microsoft in 1992, as a native game of Windows 3.1.

Like the Solitaire Collection, Minesweeper is available for download in the Microsoft Store free.

Bubble Blaster

In the history of games and Windows Classic game archives, there have been many games that have been included in the puzzle shooter genre.

The game play of puzzle shooter is easy enough where all you have to do is point and shoot a bubble to similar kinds or colors of bubbles already in the puzzle. Puzzle shooter games include Snood, Puzzle Bobble, and Bubble Shooter. Design, levels, stages, and the kinds of bubble differ from game to game.

Bubble Blaster is a relatively new addition to the roster of puzzle shooter games. It is available in Windows Store for free download.