Catapult King

Angry Birds beats Catapult King

By now I’m sure you have come across the new 3D catapult game called Catapult King.  It’s the first time a game like this and indeed like Angry Birds has been made in 3D. It’s very cool if a little clunky and tricky. See the video below if you have never seen the game. We had wondered if this new twist on the incredible popular genre would make waves and to a certain extent it has but to make the point absolutely crystal clear we put this new comer to the biggest and baddest (even bigger than Temple Run!) game around: Angry Birds.

We ran a survey here on and discovered that over 80% of people prefer Angry Birds. That’s quite astonishing really and a real testament to how well conceived and marketed Angry Birds is. We are not surprised and hope the irrepressible franchise continues to entertain us all both on our mobiles and online.

We have now taken this to it’s logical conclusion and put Temple Run up against Angry Birds, who will win this battle royal?

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