Ice Cube

Daaammn It’s Hot!

Are you tired of the annoying hot weather? Do you think that your country is the hottest?

Well, in Croatia, to be specific in Knin, a local TV station was filming the ground when a man came up, placing a ice cube on the floor so he waited to see how much time it is going to take for the ice cube to melt. How much do you think it took the ice cube to melt down? Well, you will be amazed. In 7 seconds, the ice cube turned into water! Now imagine walking without shoes on roads which melt ice cubes in less than 10 seconds! Also, think a little bit. Global warming? If an ice cube melts in 7 seconds, what do you think, how much time is it going to take for the sun to melt down the South and North pole? Hundreds of years.

I can’t find the photograph, do you have any funny photos of the hot summer?

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