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One Epic Knight Takes Temple Run’s Formula and Adds More

David Whatley was the creator of GeoDefense, a mega-hit in the App Store. After that they followed their success with the antihero tower defense app called Tiny Heroes. Now, Whatley and his team is coming up with another game and it is called One Epic Knight. And surprise, surprise, it takes the formula of Temple Run as its core gameplay. Just like Temple Run, One Epic Knight is a 3D endless runner game.

In One Epic Knight, one of the Tiny Heroes are sent into an endless dungeon and he should run past obstacles, hop over them, slide under them, doing everything necessary for him to succeed. Whatley actually worked with Imangi games in the past with the Android port of Temple Run itself.

This is not a total rip-off since there are various additions to the core gameplay. Players can pick up weapons and shields as they run. These equipment are used to either defend the player or attack everything that come their way. The coins collected along the way are used to buy upgrades and spells. There are even costumes available for purchase.

Just like Temple Run, One Epic Knight is free to download. And if you managed to play Temple Run (for sure you already had), you already are familiar playing this game and will find no time familiarizing the gameplay. The graphics is gorgeous looking also, for all of you who wants eye candy.

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