Pitfall! Suddenly Turns into Temple Run

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Temple Run has been a runaway hit (no pun intended). Weeks ago, Temple Run was able to hit the 100 million downloads milestone. Earlier from that, Disney partnered up with Imangi Studios in releasing Temple Run Brave, a re-skinning of the popular game using the characters from the animated movie, Brave.

Looks like Temple Run is inspiring everything even the mighty video game corporation: Activision. Activision is able to spin another named The Blast Furnace, and their first project is the remake of Pitfall!, the 1982 Atari classic. Pitfall! is now available in the appstore for 69p. It features new environments and has similar gameplay elements with Temple Run.

According to Gordon Hall, The Blast Furnace’s chief creative officer and former Rockstar Leeds chief,

“The original Pitfall! on the Atari 2600 pioneered the action-platform/runner genre. We loved Pitfall! then – along with millions of gamers around the world – and we still love it now. In fact, it was the game that inspired quite a few of us to seek a career in game development. This new incarnation delivers a best-in-class experience of the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The team has kept the elements that made the original so much fun to play, and merged them with a cool, retro HD art style, updated controls and play mechanics to keep both old-school fans and newcomers happy. We’re really excited to kick off Pitfall!’s 30th birthday by rebooting the franchise for the mobile audience.”

The Android version of Pitfall! is expected to be released soon.

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