Mobile Phone Portal

Portal on your mobile phone!

Portal is a first person puzzle game that allows you to jump through walls, through floors and do everything you can possibly imagine to solve a puzzle. If you have never heard about the game, it’s a puzzle game in which you can use your portal gun to create a Blue and Orange portal. For example, you shoot a blue portal to one side of the wall and you shoot the orange portal to the other side of the wall, now when you walk through one of them, you’ll exit on the other one. The game is made by Valve and it’s pretty hard. It requires a lot of thinking. It’s a shame that Portal, the first Portal made, has only 19 levels! Which means you can complete it in about 1-2 hours if you are smart enough.

Now, back to having Portal on your smartphone. Doesn’t matter if it’s on iOS, Android or anything else! The game is simple, yet amazing. You are fighting against GLaDOS ( Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System ) and it’s basically the main character in the game. Of course, it would be amazing if the game had some different features, so it’s not the same like the PC version. For example, more levels. It should be something like Angry Birds where you have 100 levels or similar. Portal has a lot of fans which means that it would be a bestseller! The could include different characters to play so it isn’t always the same and after that, they could release Portal 3 which would be amazing and totally different, it would be an amazing game, I’m a hundred percent sure! If you have never played Portal, here’s a video of it’s gameplay. As you can notice, it’s only level 04 – 08. It’s because 00 – 04 is the boring tutorial part which if you want to see, you’ll have to buy the game and play it, or you can search for tutorial videos on YouTube. The game is definitely worth buying! You can buy it on Steam for 6,99€! Now that’s cheap, isn’t it?

So what we want is Portal to be released for mobiles, could be amazing to leap between levels on peoples phones.

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