Temple Run Developers Got Big by Being Small

Temple Run is being played by different people across all ages. Children and adults view the game as an entertaining diversion during long or short trips. Temple Run has been downloaded 100 million times, that is a very rare milestone.

Temple Run both runs on smartphones and tablet users, be it on an Android device or an iOS gadget. This particular game is about simple controls where players just swipe the screen or tilt the device for the controlled character to run.  There are traps, obstacles, and creatures that attack the controlled character. And you just can’t believe that this game is developed by a team of three: married couple Shepered and Natalia Luckyanova and artist Kiril Tchangov.

The three-man team cites their strength in being a small team. It makes them nimble. Without the red tape and bureaucracy, they can quickly according to their mission, vision and goal.

Temple Run is priced at 99 cents on its launch. The team then decided to switch into the freemium model to boost their user base and increase revenue. The game is free but players can pay money to purchase virtual gold coins for in-game upgrades.

Temple Run became an instant hit. There are lots of companies asking for licensing deals. One big example is, Temple Run: Brave. This video game is using the gameplay mechanics of Temple Run but using the characters in the Pixar animated film, which is, of course, Brave.

There will be comic books (both digital and in print) featuring Temple Run’s villainous monkeys and the intrepid treasure hunters. There will also be a card and board games and apparels this coming holiday season. You wouldn’t believe that for such a simple game, created by a very small team, success would find them in this magnitude. But they do deserve it.

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