Top 5 funniest games!

Number 5:

Leisure suit Larry! Woah, an actual playboy look-a-like game! It’s funny to walk up to tons of girls, flirt with them and at the end, end up with them under some bed sheet. That’s basically on what the game is based. It’s not that fun but yeah, flirting can be pretty fun!

Number 4:

Postal. There’s not much to write about that game. There’s nothing more fun than running around the city and actually being able to unzip your pants and pee all around! You can walk up to a cop, unzip your pants and pee all over him! And he won’t harm you! Nah, just kidding, you’ll get your ass kicked. But there’s even more! You are able to place a cat’s head on your gun barrel and it will shoot frigging cat heads! Now how amazing is that?

Number 3:

Worms! I’m sure that all of you, readers, have played that game at least once! It was a must-have game back in 2000. Remember those cute worms, each time they would fall off a cliff they would face plant into the earth! And that bomb, which I’m pretty sure you remember.. When you toss it you hear the song which was stuck in your head for years. You know which song, yes, yes you do! HALLELUJAH!

Number 2:

Conker; Bad fur day! Why is that a funny game? It’s funny because of this specific scene where you throw toilet paper at an actual pile of crap! And it sings! Holy s***! And the lyrics go something like this: I am the great mighty poo and I’m going to throw my shit at you, a huge supply of tish come from my chocolate starfish.. La la la.. Uh, enough.

Number 1:

Neighbours from hell. Oh that game. I remember playing it a couple years ago.  It’s so damn fun to insert laxatives into your neighbours tea but before that, removing all the toiler paper from the toilet so he has a nice surprise when he gets inside! Oh, of course, I have to mention that sewing off the parts of his chair and removing the antenna from the tv is fun as well! But be careful! If he catches you, you are toast.

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