Top 5 Myths about Temple Run!

The Green Water myth

Have you ever wondered why the water in the Ancient Temple is a mixture of the color black and green?Well there is a story hiding behind that little question! It is believed that, back in Ancient times, there was no water.Everything was just plain sand. Until one day, there was an ape invasion ordered by the so-called ‘ Ape King ‘. Every single person which, at that time was living in the temple, stood up on their feet and began fighting them. It didn’t matter if you were a woman, man or even a child! The King gave out a simple order; The person who doesn’t spill any blood while fighting against those Demonic Apes should never visit this place again nor live in it anymore! After hours of fighting, all apes have been defeated and their bodies were all laying across the sand. No one had the guts to touch the bodies. After a couple of days, the bodies began to smell and fall a part. As they were falling a part, the sand has began taking the form of a liquid which was the black colored and it had a couple of green details in it. The liquid was called Abyssal and it began to spread around the whole temple all the way to the Kings throne. The King was grabbed by a hand which came out of the sand, the hand was covered in Abyssal and it was impossible to destroy it. As it grabbed the King by his neck, it pulled him right into the underground world, where people believe that he had become the new ape king. As the apes sank into the Abyssal liquid, they became mutants. They’ve gained powers such as; High jumps, Fast speed and similar.


Now that no one lives in the temple anymore except apes and their king, you can notice skulls placed on the sticks which are located on each side of the bridge. You might’ve wondered what they represent. It is believed that two skulls on one stick represent a couple. One usual skull on a stick represents a person who never was in a relationship and doesn’t have a family. Small skulls which are barely visible represent kids. The Demonic Apes, after getting up from the underground, have killed every single person who, at that time has lived in the Temple. After that, they’ve decided to put skulls on sticks to represent them, giving them a small amount of respect. It is also believed that 87 kids were killed, 43 couples and 102 single adults were killed. If you add all those numbers together you get the number 202 which represented the amount of apes which were killed at the beginning, when everything was just plain sand.

Unique Powers

Are you amazed by the fact that your character has amazing power ups now and then? Well, they have their story as well, you know? But it’s not a hundred percent sure that that’s the actual story! The material has been found on a rock, just at the entrance of the temple. Let’s rewind the whole story back. One day before the first ape attack, everything is normal. The King had some nightmares about an ape attack which would destroy the city. After considering a couple of facts, he decided to put a curse on the city and it went like this: I, the King of the Temple here announce that if this city ever gets invaded by non-humans, a human who steps in it after the invasion will gain unique powers which would help him to defeat evilness and help out the Temple along with getting it back to life again! That curse still exists today, helping out every human which takes a step into the Temple to defeat the Demonic Apes!

The Myth behind Zack Wonder

Zack Wonder, the 24 year old footballer from Los Angeles, California. Have you ever wondered how he ended up in the Temple? No? Well, the myth says that while he was on his football practice, he didn’t have any luck. He had a huge headache and he was unable to do anything. As he was running towards the goal, he swung his leg towards the ball but it got stuck in the ground, Abyssal appeared and it began dragging Zack’s leg down into the underground. Everyone was looking at Zack when that happened but there is this little mystery which says that all of his friends have seen that but the coach didn’t, even though he was looking at him. It looked like he was trying to be like a mime.

The connection between Francisco Montoya and Amerigo Vespucci

A dark secret lays behind the background of Francisco Montoya. If you look closely at Montoya, you might be able to notice some signs which show that Montoya is an actual ghost. You are probably wondering; How the heck is he a ghost? The story goes like this; It is believed that Montoya was a worker on Amerigo Vespucci’s ship at that time, he was 40 years old. On the last Voyage, Montoya has lost all of his nerves and he decided to do the biggest mistake of his life. He rotated the cannon for 180 degrees, he aimed it towards his stomach and he fired up the fuse. As the cannon ball went through him, it has destroyed a key element on the ship. The ship began to sink slowly and as Montoya’s body went under water, it dissapeared. After a couple of months, he apperead in the temple.



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