Scary Games

Top 5 Scary Video Game Freakouts!

#1 Slender Game attempt

The video begins with a guy who is obviously full of confidence. He’s excited, he thinks he’s gonna boss the game and totally destroy it. Life is good, he is the Game Master. Mr G Q Smooth. Captain Cool. What could possibly go wrong?

All I’m gonna say is; girls scream less than this guy. And just wait for that surprise at the end, can’t be missed. This guy is a Grade A Pussy!

#2 Classic Scary Maze game freakout

Now this is an classic! A chubby adult who seems very amazed by the game, starts of with a big smile on his face and I’d say that he’s amazed by the way the game looks like even though it’s just a 3 colored game with 3 basic shapes. Just a regular maze, you know? So he proceeds towards the ending, again, with a big smile on his face, when suddenly, a scary picture pops up! He swings his arm towards the monitor, hitting it with his fist and literally penetrating it! He afterwards jumps on his feet, dropping a couple of tears while he releases squishy and girly voices. But that’s not everything! In the end, he ends up peeing himself! What a douche!

#3 Mom playing Amnesia!

So, the beginning is nothing special. You can realize that an actual mother is playing that with her family surrounding her. Her son helps her our with learning the basics. She appears to be very clumsy, just like 80% of mothers playing video games. She proceeds to the first door, grabbing rocks and pulling them away. At one moment, you can hear her say ” How is he so strong ?! “, yeah, Moms and Video games? Not a good combination. She then proceeds to walk, when her daughter gives up because she didn’t want to see any monsters pop up on the game. The mom, amazed by the game, proceeds towards the door. She opens and begins running away! Suddenly, the character stops moving and the captions say that she actually ran into her bedroom! Good job, mom!

#4 Penumbra freakout!

Now this one is my favorite video! Two friends on Skype, playing this puzzle/horror game called Penumbra! Mop is the one who is recording and Reno is his friend. In the beginning, Reno starts acting like a 5 year old kid! He sees a dog and starts yelling; Mop! Mop! Tell me there’s not a dog! Now that doesn’t make any sense since obviously, there’s a dog in front of him! And Mop is all calm and everything until he reaches that part as well, then he starts freaking out, like seriously, freaking out! The gameplay is not as funny as the actual commentary! You’ll have a good laugh, honestly.

#5 Friend freaks out a friend in F.E.A.R 3!

The video starts in the middle of action as one of the two friends which are at that moment playing FEAR 3 proceeds to walk towards the bathroom, nothing but screeching voices as he approaches an area filled with blood. As he walks up towards that corner he sees dead bodies, well, that’s normal for FEAR 3, isn’t it? Suddenly, something drops down, right above the guy. Now I didn’t understand that part, I didn’t know if it was his friend or just a creature. I should know that due the fact that I’ve played FEAR 3, but hey, I don’t remember. After cutting parts of the video, he displays himself walking on a wooden path to cross the room when suddenly his friend who’s playing the character called Fettel, drops down from the sky, scaring the shit out of the other guy! Now that’s a great friend!