Homeless Man Online

What do people do online?

It’s always baffled us, the only interesting things online are the 3Gs; Girls, Guys, Games. Everything else is just blah blah blah, isn’t it?

Thankfully for us there are awesome organizations like Nielsen out there who look at answering questions like this. When they asked the same question guess what answer they came up with? Yep you got it right, Social Media and Games are take up a combined 33% of all activity. Then just to add to the fun millions of people play games inside social media sites like Facebook. So basically we were right! If it’s hot or fun we all love it.

And you know what, gaming time increased 7% from 2011 to 2012. We can see why, because thousands of people come to this site everyday to play temple run online, Cut the Rope Online and many other free online games.

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