Temple Run High Score

What do you do when someone destroys your Hi Score at Temple Run Brave?

It’s Saturday evening, you’ve just boosted your way to a personal best on Temple Run Brave. You sit back and smile, deep down you know you can do better, those damn coins just before the double left. You go get a Coke, it’s hot. Just a quick look on YouTube before you try and beat your new personal best. Your buddy hits you up on Facebook with a crazy vid of this guy just brutalizing Temple Run Brave. You sit there stunned. In silence. How is that possible? My score…is just so bad compared to this guy.

This was was me last week.

I figure I should share my pain with you so here’s the video of my new nemesis tearing up Temple Run Brave:

So I was kinda mad that I sucked so much compared to this guy, so I clicked on this related video showing the guy who got that insane score.

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