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Play Sonic Dash Online

Play Sonic Dash Online

The endless runner has been re-written by one of the oldest gaming franchises, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega have unleashed this Temple Run style endless runner (let’s face it Temple Run is the standard in endless runners) on an unsuspecting world of mobile gamers. Heading up the iOS app store within 2 weeks of launch. Luckily for you you can play Sonic Dash online below.

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Railbot: A Runner You Should Try

There are lots of runner games available in the hundreds (maybe thousands, or millions?) of Flash-based browser games portals. Picking one from the stack is a difficult task especially considering that most of these games are utter crap. Sorry for the bluntness, but we need honesty sometimes.

Armor Games probably is the biggest Flash game studio that creates its own game. The right term is “sponsor” but let’s get over the semantics and push forward to the very game that is featured in this post. Railbot is a runner game that is a must play in your browser. In fact, this game is already been available in both Android and iOS ecosystems.

This is your typical runner game, but certainly, not an ugly one. Railbot is so polished, it shines. Here you control a robot riding on rails (so let us not call it runner anymore, but rider?) Some of these rails are unstable, others collapse almost immediately upon touch. There are coins to collect, robots to evade, and shop and upgrade system. In a sense, this is not your typical Canabalt clone, this is new.

The upgrade system is for cosmetics only, not bad, and you shouldn’t care. You probably spent thousands of minutes playing classic runner games and didn’t ever had the need of augmenting your characters’ “stats”. Runner games are all about ┬ámad skillz, you be glad that Railbot considers yours before everything else.


Gangnam Run

PSY Gets a Runner Game

Oppa Gangnam Style is one of this decade’s most popular song. And when there is an iconic pop culture phenomenon, Flash games based on that event / person shall ultimately follow shortly. You didn’t forget about the countless Justin Beiber games that appeared on hundreds of Flash-based browser games portal, isn’t it?

We all know all our Fakelore, especially if you are a constant Internet resident. Slenderman is being mashed-up with PSY! Yes, such a weird and awkward combination. The premise of this Flash-based browser runner game is PSY is being chased by a huge Slenderman in a metropolis. The truth is, plays, feels, and looks like Canabalt, the most popular runner game of this generation, probably the most popular ever. The only difference is the game having the eponymous song playing in the background in an annoying loop. Game is pretty generic, boring, and overall average. We may differ opinions, but just like the song, Oppa Gangnam Run is mediocre product.

Play Wonderputt Online


One of the most creative minigolf games ever made. Pit your minigolf skills against the brains behind this game, it’ll enthral you. You will be putting through and over rainbows and around clowns, this is a great game and kinda leaves you feel good about the world at the same time. Very cool. Go enjoy it now.

It may take 20-30 seconds to load, just give it some time :)

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