How Popular is Temple Run?

Just how popular is Temple Run?

Usain Bolt added to Temple RunSo it’s just about 2 years since the launch of Temple Run and now is a good time to take stock of just how big a game it has gone on to become. There have been 5 releases of Temple Run (see our article: Temple Run the Dynasty Compared) with 2 major links to Hollywood films, most notably the Wizard of Oz named Temple Run Oz, which to many has been the best Temple Run game so far. There have been other celebrity links, the most notable must be Usain Bolt being added as a character for all to play (added August 2013). There has even been a comic book written about the game, usually reserved for the biggest blockbusters at the cinema.
It’s played all over the world, has a huge Indian following from Temple Run fans, many of whom are active on the Facebook fan page which has over 114,000 friends now. The game has been a hit, let’s not deny it. But just how big a hit has it been in the 2 years since it was first released on iOS.
Temple Run Comic

I guess the easy way to break down the numbers is to start with a question: how much time do you spend per day playing Temple Run? For us it’s about an hour or so. Now normally at this point a science professor boffin type will tell you how long you play every year, or possibly even per decade and you will go “omg!” and then tell all your friends.
Well we don’t do boffins or professors, we do internet nerds and they tell us that all of us Temple Run players have played for over a combined  54,000 years. That’s like ever person in your family playing the game non stop for over 170 generations.  And as if that isn’t ridiculous enough the game itself has been downloaded over 100 million times, and that doesn’t even count the number of times people have played Temple Run online (which we estimate at well over 300,000 times on this site  in just 6 months). While we might not do professors and boffins we do do infographics so take a look below to see just how popular the game has is. You will be astonished, we assure you.


How Popular is Temple Run?

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