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Top 10 People Who Should be in Temple Run!

1. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt would be a great add-on for Temple Run due the fact he could have the biggest running speed but his jump height should be lowered. Think a little bit, Usain Bolt saying those cool lines in his Jamaican Accent! Now that would be a great experience! Imagine running away from the Apes and then you hear him say;  Rasta man, Jamaica runnin’ away from ‘di Babylon! And similar lines! It would give the game some amazing, unique and fun features!


2. Michael Jackson

We all know that he’s the biggest legend and the King of Pop but what about an amazing adventurer? Again, imagine running away from those Demonic Apes when uddenly, you hear; Billy Jean is not my lover, woooo! And when he dies, you hear that low squishy voice saying; Oh-oh. It would be also funny that every time he gets a power-up he mutters ‘ I’m so plastic, it’s fantaaaaaastic! ‘




3. Darth Vader

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Darth Vader getting lost in space and ending up at the Temple, running away from monkeys!I’m imagining that he would turn round every time he gets a power-up saying; *Vader voice* Apes, I’m your father! After that line, the apes would get even more angry and their running speed would be increased for a short amount of time.

4. Bad Luck Brian

  Now, he would be the hardest character to master. He’d be dragged from his chair into the PC and he would be set into the game, right infront of the monkeys. After a while of running, a big sign should appear saying Finnish, and yes, Finnish not Finish, written with an ugly font. Brian would begin to snore in a nerdish way which would represent his happines and after crossing the finish line there would be a monkey obstacle which is pretty hard to master. If the player masters the jump, the game will continue normally if not, the bad luck would strike Brian again.




5. Homer Simpson

D’oh! You can’t get enough of Homer saying D’oh, can you? Escaping the monkeys while Homer shouts out random lines such as; Beer, Beer, Beer! or  Mmmmm… ooonut! He would be a pretty clumsy runner, wouldn’t he? The power ups would probably be beer and donuts and each time he picks up one, he’d say Mmmmm… Oh and every time he would stumble over an obstacle he would shout out loud D’oh and he would hit himself in the face,  also known as Facepalm!





6. Ezio from Assasins Creed

I’m sure that all of you have at least tried playing Assassins creed, you have probably fell in love with Ezio on the first sight! Now, imagine having him as a character in Temple Run. It would be amazing if you’d be able to climb up the walls to avoid obstacles! His jump speed would be increased just like in the original game. Even though I’m a hundred percent sure that if he gets into Temple Run players would begin to do parkour instead of trying to beat the actual game!






7. Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

The whole internet is now obsessed with him! Every viral website on the internet is overfilled with his pictures, overfilled with the so-called memes. I know that all of you, Batman lovers would be interested into having him as a character in Temple Run, I’m a hundred percent sure. The fact that I’m not a big fan of Batman movies, doesn’t give me a chance to describe him fully. So I think that if he was in Temple Run, he’d have this ability to destroy obstacles, now and then. Ha! You would love that, wouldn’t you?




8. Kratos from God of War

The most amazing game ever made. I hope that this post will gather lots of God of War fanboys! Running away from Demonic Monkeys would never be so fun. Especially if he had the ability to swing his weird swords which for some reason extend themselves towards the monkeys, slowing them for a short amount of time.  It would be also amazing that the power ups would be red, green and blue glowing balls, GoW fans will recognize this due the fact that in GoW, each color represents a different element.




9. The Overly Attached Girlfriend

She would be the most scary and annoying character in Temple Run, that’s for sure! Each time you would fall, you would hear lines similar to: ” Hey I just met you and this is crazy, I have your number. I want your babies” and the all time classic ” I poked holes in all the condoms, now you have to love me forever “. scary, isn’t it? Now the scariest part would be seeing her actual face on screen, ugh-.. Gross!


10. Twitch from League of Legends



” Eeeew, what’s that smell? Oh, it’s me, whahaha “. Due the fact that League of Legends is at this moment the most played game in the world, I’ve chosen Twitch to be a character in Temple Run. His movement speed would be slower but his disgusting smell would slow down all enemies which are running behind him. Player would be probably annoyed by his voice. If you have never played League of Legends then his voice is really hard to explain. If you want to hear the sound check out the video below!

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